Saturday, October 23, 2010

War Diary - 2010.10.23 0322

The Uni is at war. We were coming out of a faildec when another corp declared war. They had a fair number of members and looked like they might bring a fight.

Real life has been keeping me pretty busy lately, so I haven't had much time for getting into fleets. Besides, my ILN squadron had been posted to the ass-end of nowhere (a.k.a. Amarr space) and none of the war targets are going to make it all the way out here. Not much chance of getting in on the war.

However, I noticed in the Uni Forums that Sto Lo and Ceregor had announced a givaway of a Loki strategic cruiser hull for whoever gets the final blow on the first war target of the new war. That seemed like a good way for me to contribute to the war if I couldn't get in a fleet.

Since those guys had the damage dealers covered, I figured I could take care of the rest of the fleet combat triad--the tacklers and EWAR pilots. I wanted to encourage each to stay with what they were already doing, so I announced that I was giving away an interceptor to the first T1 frigate tackler on each of the first 5 war target kills, and an electronic attack ship to the first T1 EWAR frigate or cruiser on each of the first five kills.

(I couldn't figure out anything to help out the scouts. They are already flying T2 frigates, and those are in fact the best ships for the job they do. I suppose I could give them a replacement ship, but really, how often does a scout lose one of their fast, invisible ships? Besides, we don't even talk about the scouts, so to whom would I give a prize?)

That was two days ago, and the new war targets have done nothing. The killboard stands at 0-0. I should have known this would happen, it usually does. Now I'm a little worried it's going to look like I planned it this way, bragging in the forum about how magnanimous I was, while knowing full well there was a good chance I wouldn't have to pay off.

But I honestly expected a few kills. I've actually started my alt in Jita stockpiling these ships, so winners wouldn't have to wait for me to get a good price. I have about a dozen hulls handy and ready for fast shipping.

Somebody kill something, dammit!

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