Monday, October 18, 2010

I'm a Winner!

Hey, I just won 10 million ISK in The Ancient Gaming Noob's Screenshot Contest for this picture:

This was tricky to get. The frigates are absurdly small compared to the Orca, so I had to cheat the perspective by having them much closer to the camera position. This meant that if I wanted to change the location of the camera--e.g. to change the angle on the statue--the composition broke and all the ships had to be moved into position again.

There should have been a Raven battleship in the composition to make it just a little more balanced, but the Uni was at war, so I couldn't get it out there for the shot.

Just as we finished, some idiot flew out and tried to nail us with a medium smart bomb. (Frackin' Jita, it's always something!) The frigates and the Iteron got away clean. The Orca has a hideous align time, so it took some damage before it warped away, but with 110,000 EHP, a medium smart bomb couldn't really hurt it.

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