Tuesday, March 9, 2010

In Which I Choose EVE University

This blog has some catching up to do. I've actually been flying spaceships in EVE for about six months now. After a few months on my own, I decided to join EVE University, which is a game corporation (that would be a clan or guild in other MMORPGs) dedicated to teaching people how to play EVE. I want to learn PvP and fleet operations, and the Uni seems a lot more organized than many of the other corporations when it comes to that sort of thing. Of course, they'd have to be, with 1300 members, most of whom are nubes like me.

Actually, my sense that they are more organized than other corporations cold be something of an illusion because EVE University, being an educational institution, puts a lot of information about themselves in their wiki, including guides, policies, and even their warfighting doctrine.

Nevertheless, it was the fact that they even have a warfighting doctrine that attracted me to the Uni. It would be a good place to learn EVE ship-to-ship combat. It would be a good place to learn how to think like an EVE capsuleer.