Saturday, October 2, 2010

Ths stuff I buy...

The corp I'm in, EVE University, has been at war for about a week now. I've been busy in real life, so I've just barely logged in to check my email. On the other hand, my trading alt has been doing fairly well in Jita, although station trading is a crazy life.

With a year in New Eden, I'm used to shopping for hulls and modules for the limited number of types of ships I fly, so every once in a while I'm amazed by the stuff I end up trading. My current inventory includes, among other things, 25 concussion bombs for stealth bombers I don't fly, 4 drone control units for carriers I may never fly, a Basilisk and an Arazu (whatever those are) , 6 Thoraxes, 1 Hulk, and 39 Skiff exhumers.

It's those 39 exhumers I worry about most. They cost me a billion ISK. That may not be much to some players, but I've never spent that much before. I hope I make a profit...

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